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Beginning Oboe Students, Step Seven- Scales

Step Seven-Book I Scales: Bb, Eb, F, and Ab

In Book I oboists are playing the scales of Bb, Eb, F, and Ab and arpeggios which are melodic chords.  It is good  to memorize these patterns as you progress through the book.

The Bb scale has two flats (Bb and Eb)  and includes two half-hole notes- D and Eb, forked F with octave key and high A and Bb that require the octave key.

The Eb scale has three flats (Bb, Eb, and Ab) and includes two half-hole notes-D and Eb, forked F, and the Ab key (played by the left little finger).

The F scale has only one flat (Bb) and includes A natural (not Ab) half-hole D, E natural with the first octave key and regular F (not forked F).

The Ab scale has four flats (Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db) and includes right hand Db and left hand Eb (using your left little finger) be sure your left ring finger is curved so that your little finger can reach the left Eb key.

There will be a set rhythm pattern or patterns your band director prefers with all notes tongued; however, you can be creative and go beyond your band director’s rhythmic pattern with different tempos (fast, moderate, and slow) and with a set tonguing  and slurring pattern.  You can play the scales soft (piano), medium loud (mezzo forte), and loud (forte).  You can crescendo up the scale to the top note and diminuendo down the scale to the starting note.

Variations on the scale patterns will keep your interest and challenge your creativity.

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