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Step # 18 Concerto for Oboe and Strings ( Movement III- Siciliana) by Cimarosa

Concerto for Oboe and Strings (Movement III- Siciliana) by Cimarosa

Published by Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

# 1

This third movement is in the dance style of a Siciliana (doted eighth, sixteenth, eighth) and is always in a feeling of 6/8 time or 12/8 time.  The tempo is the key to making this movement swing in the style of a Siciliana.  A suggested tempo would be M.M. = 60 with the dotted quarter note receiving one beat.

# 2

The movement opens with a cantabile marking encouraging the oboist to sing the melodic line that includes beautiful double grace notes to enhance the virtuosity of the performance in true baroque style..

# 3

Practice this piece under tempo with no double grace note and gradually add them into the melodic line as you are comfortable.  Finally, increase the tempo until your music feels like a room full of dancers.  Dances are all about the beat.  They want to hear the most important beat which is always the first beat of any rhythmic pattern.   In 6/8 time it is important to stress beats one and four.

# 4

Note that the key of Movement I was C minor, Movement II was C major, and Movement III is A minor.  This third movement is the shortest, most graceful, and most charming of the four movements included in this concerto.

# 5

There is a YouTube recording of the comments listed above.  Go to our home page and click on ADVANCED OBOE on the right side of the page.  This will connect you to our YouTube videos.  Click on # 18.  Good luck with your practicing and performances.


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