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Step # 19 Concerto for Oboe and Strings (Movement IV-Allegro giusto) by Cimarosa

Concerto for Oboe and Strings (Movement IV-Allegro giusto)  by Cimarosa

Published by Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

# 1

This is the final movement of this four-work composition for oboe and strings.  It should be noted that for most players this piece is most often performed with piano or harpsichord accompaniment.  However, this concerto is most beautiful with string accompaniment.

# 2

Movement IV is full of energy, tempo, and articulation beginning with the hornpipe-like melody that opens the piece.  It is important that the staccato notes are short, energized, and have a lift.   An exciting nuance to the opening rhythmic pattern is to add a slight crescendo on the repeated notes (“E” natural).

# 3

Start your practicing by playing under the Allegro giusto tempo; however, perform the melodic line in a feeling of one beat per measure in  3/8 time.  A good performance tempo is M.M.=60 with the dotted quarter note receiving one beat.   Note the long crescendo markings starting measure 9 and measure 23 immediately followed by a piano marking followed immediately by a forte marking.

# 4

The second half of the music begins at the repeat sign.  Practice this melodic line under tempo at the beginning and omit the grace notes.  Gradually add the grace notes and increase the tempo as you can comfortably perform the correct fingerings, rhythms, articulations and dynamics.

# 5

After the repeated section the melodic line is skipping and needs to sound piccolo-like followed immediately by the same melodic line in the style of a violinist with lots of bow.  The composer uses interesting melodic lines with varied articulations to heighten the excitement of the melody.  The last six bars need to sound trumpet-like with a forte dynamic and full of energy.  Like in  the second movement the composer ends movement with three  repeated low notes (low “C”).

# 6

The above content can be view on YouTube.  Go to our home page and click on ADVANCED OBOE on the right side of the page.  This will connect you to our YouTube videos that includes performances of the above information.  Click on video # 19.  Good luck with your practicing and performances.

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