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Beginning Oboe Students, Step Eight- Tempo Markings

Step Eight-Tempo Markings-slow, moderate, and fast

Book I features a variety of musical styles, tunes, and exercises to develop your beginning level skills

For slow tempo markings such as largo, lento and adagio it is important that the oboist plays between the notes by stretching the sound from one note to the next with no silence in between.  It is like the first note is a domino that continues until it touches the second domino that continues until it touches the third domino until your reach the last note.  It is important to control your breathing and keep pushing the air between each note.

For moderate tempo markings such as moderato or allegro moderato, there are usually a variety of articulation patterns or dynamic contrasts of soft and loud playing (piano and forte).  Here you want to concentrate on play the correct note patterns while being able to perform the correct articulations and dynamics

For fast tempo markings such as allegro it is important to see the notes in patterns.  As the notes are moving quickly there is not time to identify each note.  Note the key signature, review the pattern of the notes (stepwise up, stepwise down, repeated, or skipping around).  Remember that there are only four keys in book I; thus, it is important to memorize the fingering patterns of each so you can apply them to the music throughout book one that has fast tempos

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