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Beginning Oboe Students, Step 2 – Holding the Oboe

Step Two- Attaching the oboe reed to the oboe, holding the oboe, and finger placement

The reed is attached to a staple and there is a cork on the end that slides into the well at the top of the oboe. If the cork is too thick you put a small amount of cork grease around the cork or compress the cork on a flat surface by rolling the cork gently back and forth with a small flat object (ruler or safe kitchen utensil).

Practice holding the oboe with your right thumb near your thumb nail. Do not rest the oboe on the first joint of your thumb. Curl your fingers so that each finger on your left and right hand align with a round silver key.

Holding the oboe with your right thumb place your first finger on the first key, second finger on the second key, and your third finger on the third key. With just these three keys you can play short simple melodies. Be sure your fingers are curled and not straight as you place your fingers on the oboe keys.

Beginning Oboe Step 2: Playing Your First Tunes

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