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Step # 14 Solo for the Advanced Oboist: Sonata # 2 (Movement II-Allegro) by Handel

Sonata # 2  (Movement II-Allegro) by George Frederick Handel

Published by Amsco Music Publishing Company

This movement is part of a collection of oboe solos titled OBOES SOLOS Arranged by Jay Arnold

# 1

This is a challenging Allegro movement with many melodic chord patterns (arpeggios) that will challenge the advanced oboist.  The melodic line has many skips challenging the oboist to coordinate many fingers together at one time.  Practicing slowly one pattern at a time and repeating that pattern until it is memorized is ideal practicing.  Add a new pattern each day combining multiple patterns with the idea of knowing the music rather than just reading the music.

# 2

Practice keeping your fingers close to the keys and squeezing the keys for the best results.  This movement is in G minor with many accidentals throughout the piece.  This piece has many patterns of four sixteenth notes.  To improve your accuracy of rhythm play these patterns by stretching  each note in the four sixteenth note pattern in one beat (ONE-two-three-four; one-TWO-three-four; one-two-THREE-four; one-two-three-FOUR).  After completing these four different rhythmic patters of four sixteenth notes go back to the original pattern (one-two-three-four).

# 3

Starting in measure 10 you have the dynamics dramatically changing back and forth from piano to forte followed by a long crescendo to measure 18.  This type of dynamic pattern appears again in measure 21 through measure 29 and repeats again at measure 29 gthrough measure 38.  the piece ends dramatically with a ritardando three measures from the end and the last two measures slowing down to an Adagio tempo with the movement ending on a “G”.

# 4

Give yourself plenty of time to practice this piece until all is in place and you can perform the movement without mistakes.  Playing the piece for family, friends, and classmates before your first public performance is very helpful.

# 5

There is a YouTube video outlining the above content.  Go to our home page and click on ADVANCED OBOE on the right side of the page.  this will connect you to our YouTube videos.  Click on # 14.  Good luck with your practicing and performances.

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