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Intermediate Oboe Students, Step Nine- Tempo Markings

Step Nine-Tempo Markings

In book two there are a variety of tempo markings that include: largo, andante, moderato, and allegro.  With each tempo marking there is a beat pattern per minute that the conductor sets and the oboist must know.  See the following:

Largo has 60 beats per minute indicated as MM=60

Andante has 72 beats per minute indicated as MM=72

Moderato has 84 beats per minuted indicated as MM=84

Allegro has 120 beats per minute indicated as MM=120

The numbers are metronome markings.  It is good for intermediate students to purchase a metronome.  There are a variety, but most students prefer the smaller size with a clear sounding pulse that can easily be heard while you are practicing.  Set the metronome to the tempo indicated at the beginning of each line in book two and play to that tempo.  Refer to your CD recording to be sure you are performing at the correct tempo.

Oboists playing as soloists or as part of a chamber music group without a conductor need to know the correct tempo marking of the music they are performing.  The tempo is the heartbeat of the music; thus, the tempo of the beat is at the heart of each music composition.

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