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Step # 15 Solo for the Advanced Oboist Sonata # 3 (Movement I-Adagio) by Handel

Sonata # 3 ( Movement I0Adagio( by George Frederick Handel

Published by Amsco Music Publishing Company

This movement is part of a collection of oboe solos title OBOE SOLOS Arranged by Jay Arnold

# 1

This movement is performed at an Adagio tempo (M.M. = 60) with the quarter note receiving one beat.  Some performers prefer subdividing the beat with the eight note receiving the beat; but the melodic line invites the beat to keep moving forward even though it is a slow tempo.The key is F major with one flat; thus, be prepared to use both the regular and forked “F” fingerings.

# 2

The melodic line is a combination of stepwise patterns, melodic chord patterns, and large skips.  The style invites the oboist to “bow” the notes rather than tongue the notes.  It is the connection of the notes with each not melting into the next note in a long chain of beautiful musical patterns.

# 3

Both the articulation patterns and the dynamics of the melodic line are paramount in bringing this movement to life.  A sweet vibrato is important for this movement to project its beauty and the ornaments need to be played with ultimate grace.

# 4

As there are few rests in this music, finding appropriate points  to breathe are important.  For the most part there are natural breathing spots every two or three measures.

# 5

Endurance is always a concern for beautiful Adagio movements like this one; thus, having a light read with a beautiful sound and an easy response is critically important for the best result.

# 6

There is a YouTube video where you can see and hear a performance of the above content.  Go to our home page and click on ADVANCED OBOE on the right side.  This will connect you to our YouTube videos.  Click on # 15.  Good luck with your practicing and performances.

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