“beautiful and are very affordable”

I would highly recommend these reeds to all players! They sound beautiful and are very affordable, and they are definitely the best reeds I have used.

Emily Roth
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Stradella English Horn reeds are high-quality, durable, and affordably priced! These reeds have consistently worked for me and I highly recommend them.

Alex Antonetti
Valparaiso, Indiana

“Great reeds for all levels of playing!”

I started playing the English Horn two years ago and ever since I started, I have been using Stradella reeds. I love these reeds, they are in tune, easy to play, dependable, and durable. I have a stradella reed that I have been playing on for many months now and it still plays well and in tune. The ease at which you are able to play on these reeds, but still keeping a great sound, has allowed me to work on embrasure and technique which has not only helped me on the English Horn but on the oboe as well. Besides the tone, for someone learning to work with reeds and make adjustments, I think these reeds are extremely easy to work. I would recommend these reeds to any one, based off of the great sucsess I have had with them.

Lafayette, Indiana

“Great reeds for any player”

I have used these reeds personally from the time I started english horn all the way until I began making my own reeds for the instrument. These reeds are incredibly consistent, they produce a good tone and stay well in tune in the low and middle registers, and they provide a seamless transition between the oboe and english horn. When I play on these reeds, I find myself worrying much less about the reed itself, and as a result I can focus more on the music at hand. This kind of stability and dependability is hard to find in any reed, yet the Stradella english horn reeds offer it consistently.

Daniel Coffey, Teacher
Hobart, Indiana

“Stradella reeds are the best!”

My son has played oboe for 2 years and recently began playing English Horn. He played on Stradella oboe reeds and is also using Stradella English Horn reeds. His transition from one instrument to the other was so easy! He sounds like he has been playing English Horn for years! We highly recommend both the oboe and English Horn Stradella reeds.

Valparaiso, Indiana

“Great reeds!”

These reeds are awesome! I have bought many different kinds of pre made reeds, and these are definitely the best. I plan on continuing to use and buy them. I would reccomend them to anyone who wants a great sound and an awesome reed!


“Gotta have these reeds!”

In my first year of oboe playing I bought reeds from different places. My face would almost turn purple and my sound was awful. After buying these reeds my sound has improved ten fold I am realizing the oboe player I can be with a clearer sound. I absolutely love these reeds and would recommend them to any oboe player.

Katie W.
Wheeler, Indiana

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  • Emily Roth:

    I would highly recommend these reeds to all players! They sound beautiful and are very affordable, and they are definitely the best reeds I have used.

  • Tony:

    I have only been playing the oboe for six months, but have been seeking the best reeds – – and I LOVE my Stradella reed the very best. I have tried at least 7 other highly rated brands. The tone is consistently beautiful and even; the pitch is always dead on (unless my embouchure is poor), and it is easy to play. Even though I am new at playing the oboe, I have been a musician for about 40 years, so I think my ear is pretty good. I plan to keep buying Stradella reeds and hope the others will be as nice as this one! Thanks.

  • Abby Fritz:

    What can I say? These reeds are amazing! They’re durable, in tune, and easy to play.

    • Abby,

      Thank-you for your positive comments about Stradella reeds.
      As you mailed this via gmail on January 12, 2013, I am very late
      in responding with my appreciation. My apologies. Larry Allen

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