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Step # 10 English Horn Literature: Orchestra-Chamber Music-Solo Repertoire

The English horn is a beautiful color instrument within  the total sound of the orchestra, as part of chamber music, and as a solo instrument.  The major orchestra solos for English horn are listed below and can be found in the famous Vade-Mecum Studies.  These solos are a part of English horn auditions for professional orchestras worldwide.  The published  solo English horn literature is listed below as well as published  chamber music compositions including English horn.

Orchestral Solos for English horn include:

William Tell Overture                 Rossini

The New World Symphony      Dvorak

Symphony in D Minor                 Franck

Roman Carnival Overture         Berlioz

Swan of Tuonela                            Sibelius

Romeo and Juliet                          Tschaikovsky

Published solos for English Horn include:

Concerto in C Minor                   Handel

Concertino                                      Bozzi

Sonata                                              Hindemith

Divertissement                            Bozza

Notturno                                   Borodin

Sonata                                        Borodin

Sonata                                        Telemann

Rhapsody                                 Jacob

Adagio Religioso                  Mozart

Chamber Music including English horn includes:

Shepherds of Provence for Oboe and English horn             Bozza

Opus 87a for Two Oboes and English horn                              Beethoven

Sonata in C Major for Oboe and English horn                        Mozart

Arranged Trios for Two Oboes and English horn                Bocal Music




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