Step # 20: Concerto in C Minor (Movement I-Allegro moderato) by Marcello

Concerto in C Minor (Movement I-Allegro moderato)  by Marcello

Published by Southern Music Company

# 1

The tempo is M.M. = 112 with the eighth note receiving one beat.  Keeping this tempo steady is paramount to a satisfying performance. Starting with line two there is a beautiful Bach-like melodic line with many double grace notes.  Start your practicing without the grace notes and decrease the tempo to be sure you have all the correct fingerings and rhythms.  Always observe the dynamic markings regardless of the tempo you are playing.  Add the double grace notes at a slower temp and gradually increase the tempo until you are performing at a comfortable tempo.

# 2

In measure 25 there is a mordant from “Ab” to “Bb”.  Be sure to use your alternate trill fingering using your second finger on your left hand.

# 3

From measure 26 to measure 42 the melodic pattern is a series of melodic chords (arpeggios).  This requires oboists to keep their fingers close to the keys and to squeeze the keys to connect all the notes as a violinist would bow the notes.  Note that in the next last measure there is an inverted mordant; thus, the mordant is the note below (“E” natural)  the printed note “F” rather than the note above (“G”).  Note the line through the mordant  sign that signals the note below the printed note for the correct performance.

# 4

The above information is recorded on YouTube.  Go to our home page and click on ADVANCED OBOE on the right side of the page.  This will connect you to YouTube and a performance of the above content.  Click on # 20.  Good luck with your practicing and performances.

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