Advanced Oboe Students, Step Six- How to Start and Rehearse a Chamber group

Step Six-How to start and rehearse a chamber group with oboe

Chamber music groups that include the oboe include: duets, trios, quartets, quintets, and sextets.  Duets and trios are the easiest chamber music groups to organize.  The key to success is to organize your group(s) with players that are at your skill level of music performance.  You need a coach that will meet with you regularly to help you chamber group perform.

With most duet literature there needs to be a keyboard or string accompaniment although there are many duets for just two instruments.  Two oboes, oboe and English horn,oboe and flute, and oboe and violin are duet combinations for the advanced oboist and there is substantial literature.

Trio literature for oboe, flute, and clarinet is the most popular as is trio literature for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon.  With this literature there is no piano accompaniment necessary.  Performing with two oboes and English horn can be electrifying; however, not every oboist has access to a good English horn.  Beethoven’s Opus 87 for two oboes and English horn includes four contrasting movements for contest or concert performances.

Woodwind quintets are very exciting but coordinating five different schedules for practicing can be very challenging.  There is terrific literature  for this ensemble that includes flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon.  Having your school band director help you with organizing such an ensemble will be helpful.

Starting your ensemble with easy Christmas music is a good first step. There are multiple arrangements for the holidays that can easily be rehearsed and performed with minimal practice.  Caroling with your groups can be fun and performances for the you and old alike can really make the holidays special and very memorable.  Your ensemble needs a coach-band director, private teacher, or another advanced student not in your ensemble will work well.  Having a performance date, a program of literature, and a rehearsal schedule will be the winning format for success with your ensemble.  Good luck.  Have fun.

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