Beginning Oboe Students, Step 3 – Playing Your First Tunes

Step Three-Playing your first tunes on the oboe

As you put the reed into your mouth, roll your lips around the reed so none of the red part of your lips are showing. Stretch your teeth apart while keeping your lips on the reed. Place your left first finger on the first key. Take a breath and start the sound by using your tongue against the reed as if you were saying “Ta.” Repeat the process with your first and second fingers on your left hand depressing the keys at the same time, take a breath, and start the sound a second time by blowing through the reed starting the sound again with a “Ta.” Repeat a third time with all three fingers of your left hand depressing the keys.

You now can play “Hot Cross Buns” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with these three keys.

Remember to keep your upper lip firm and drop your lower lip with you lips around the fee. Push the air forward and upward (Do not direct your air down towards the floor) with a fast stream of air. Find the sweet spot on the reed that gives you the best sound. Use your ear to control the best sound.

Find a good Book I for oboe. Your band director can choose this book for you. Your book will give your good examples, pictures, fingerings, and great ideas to learn the first 10 tunes in your book. Memorize these and play them for friends and family members.

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